Quick-ly quiet-ly, loud-ly...

Adverbs helps us to describe a verb. It is quite good to use in our sentences the ones that we are practising at class.

For instance:
The man was walking slowly while the rain was falling down.
Our dog plays dangerously when it meets another dog.



Looks EY, sounds /i/

Watch this video to learn how to pronounce correctly words such as money, key or honey.

Now, try to read this list of words:


Storyteller videos

Here you have a wonderful web page where you can enjoy with a storyteller.                                        Click on the image and choose your story:


Do you know that plants are similar to us?

As well as humans plants are living things.
They need water, air, sunlight and soil to grow well.

Moreover, while we have parts of the body, plants also have their parts.

Parts of a plant

Depending on the STEM, we classify plants into 3 big groups:

Have a nice weekend!


Looks CH, sounds /K/

It is important when reading and writing to remember that some words containing CH sound as /K/

You can watch in the video how Gerladine the Giraffe learns it.


Tricky Words. 5th Set.

Practice the reading, writing and meaning of all them.
Could you make a sentence with each of them?


Playing with tables!

Hello my dear students!
Time tables may be fun!!! I have found this online game to practice them by playing.

Click here: Time tables game

Follow the instructions:

1-Click on TIMES TABLES button

2- Click on TABLES UP TO 10

3-Click on the tables we have practiced at class:                x2, x5,x10



Inside the house...

Look at this video to learn which actions we do in the living room, bathroom or kitchen. Could you explain to your classmates what do you do in your house rooms?

This song is useful to review the parts of the house