Playing with Tangrams

Tangrams are kinds of puzzles originated in China. In Maths and Art we are working a lot with them since they offer us great benefits! Click on the image to make an on line tangram!

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This one is quite challenging... Click on it and give it a try!
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Enjoy the story of Elmer, the elephant...
What can you learn from it?
Tell me next week! Have an amazing weekend!


Spring Maths

Counting, ordering, sequencing, number bonds, addition, subtraction...we have learnt a lot in Maths.  Click on the image to practice Maths through games!

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Charlie and Lola

    Dear families, 
Watching films and cartoons is a good way of building the listening skills and increasing vocabulary. Charlie and Lola series are an example of funny and short stories for our kids. You can find more on line.



Alphabet Rock

Now that we know the letters sounds, we have to practice the letters names. Singing is a good way for doing it.


Our healthy menus!

Last weeks in Science, we have been dealing with balanced diets and healthy food.

 As a final task you  have designed the best menu for your restaurant, here we have the results! Yummy, yummy... Good job guys!


Penny the Beetle

Penny the Beetle shows us the ee sound. How many words can you recognize with this sound?
Click on the image to start: