Danio visits us

Two weeks ago we were very lucky.
Maria's mum visited us with an interesting exposition about different animals. We learnt many curiosities and facts that we didn't know.
After that, we became scientists as you can see:

See you on Monday, 9th April!


How many prepositions do you know?

Prepositions are the words that help us to explain where we are or where something is.

Here you have some songs that will help you to learn them.

Prepositions by the Bazillions

Prepositions Sing Song Along

Prepositions Song for Kids


Key words- Multiplication

As well as addition and subtraction have their key words to solve the word problems, multiplication problems also have these words to help you.

Remember the steps to solve a problem in Maths:



St. Patrick's Day

Tommorrow, the 17th March Irish people celebrate St. Patrick's day.

Look at the video to know about it.


Describing people

This week we are practising the physical description of people:

New words that we have learnt: moustache, beard, blonde hair, round face, square face, ponytail, freckles, curly hair, straight hair.




Non-flowering plants

Some plants do not use flowers to reproduce. These plants are called non-flowering plants.

At class, we have learnt two types: mosses and ferns.

Moss is soft and spongy plant that typically only grow a few inches tall.

Fern is small and green and live in shady places

Mosses and ferns do not have flowers or fruits. They reproduce with spores.


Frida Kahlo

In Art, we have started a project related to Frida Kahlo, the most famous Mexican painter!

This video explains her life in some minutes:

After watching the video, are you able to answer to the following questions?

A)Where was she born?
B)Why did she decide to paint?
C)Why is her house famous all around the world?
D)Which colours did she use in her paintings?