¡Ya tenemos nuestro libro de recetas! Este verano voy a cocinarlas ¿y vosotros? :) También tenéis el libro en la carpeta de drive, en los documentos del inicio.


Live worksheets 25 and 26- Maths

There are 2 live worksheets:

*If all your answers are wrong, do not worry. I will check them personally :)

Bar Graph, an interactive worksheet by Petty707

Matching Times, an interactive worksheet by Mshawnie

Video-lesson: 10th June


Kahoot 14- English

This is the last kahoot! It deals with Tricky Words. Remember it will be opened until Friday 12th.

Thanks for participating in all!


Live worksheets 21 and 22- Maths

Here you have 2 live worksheets:


Pasapalabra 2 - Lengua C.

Queridos alumnos y alumnas, aquí tenéis el segundo pasapalabra de Lengua Castellana.

Recordad que no es necesario registrarse ni poner vuestro nombre.

Escribidme en esta entrada un comentario y contadme cómo os ha ido :)
 ¡Me hace ilusión leer vuestros mensajes!

¡Click en la foto para empezar!


Read a book

Hello sweeties!

Today, we are going to read a book. I give you these three options. Choose, at least, one.
If you want to read more than one you are welcomed! Click on the images to start reading.

Kisses to all.

Video-lesson: 29th May


Puzzle 2

What is this? Solve it and post a comment with your answer!

Puzzle 1

What is this? Solve it and post a comment with your answer!

Live worksheet 20- English

Good morning, today in English  you have 1 live worksheet and the speaking activity which you can find in our drive folder.


Video-lesson: 25th May

Week presentation: 25-29th May *It is important to watch it before doing Maths worksheets.

Planning 25th-29th May

Hello my girls and my boys! How are you doing? Are you ready for a new week?

This is the planning.


Pasapalabra -Lengua C.

      Buenos días, aquí teneis una actividad que me encanta! Se trata del rosco de pasapalabra. Debéis acceder al link y pulsar al botón comenzar. 
Puede ser que al incio os aparezcan anuncios, esperáis a que terminen o bien los evitáis.
    No tenéis que registraros ni poner vuestro nombre. Para saber que lo habéis realizado, podéis escribirme un comentario al final de esta entrada y decidme en qué palabras habéis fallado o si....os las sabíais todas!!! :)

*Si hay algún problema escribídme por Web Familia o un comentario aquí en el blog y os leo. Estaré pendiente.


Kahoot 11 - Natural Science

About PLANTS! (revise unit 4 before doing it) Good luck!

Video-lesson: 20th May

Hello! I would like to explain you something before watching this video-lesson: At some moment of the video I ask to STOP the video and do an activity ok? You need to stop, do activity 1 and when you finish activity 1, you play the video again :)


Live worksheet 16 and 17 - English

Today you have 2 listening live worksheets:


Live worksheet 15- English

These are 2 listening activities. You need to click on the symbol on the left side of the worksheets.
*Part 4 will give you errors. Write a V on the one you think and I will check.
Movers Exam part 3-4, una ficha interactiva de lilal

Video-lesson 15th May



Live worksheet 14 - English

These are 2 listening activities. You need to click on the symbol on the left side of the worksheets.
Movers Exam part 1 2, una ficha interactiva de lilal



From P.E blog I bring you this video!!
Your teacher Julio worked a lot to do it! I can see some of you here!! Can you find me? :)



Kahoot 9 - Natural Science

Good morning sweeties,

This Kahoot deals with our body systems.

Before doing it review the booklet you created in class and unit 1 from Natural Science book.

Click on the image


Live Worksheets 11 and 12- Maths

There are 2 Maths worksheets for today!
There are 2 Maths worksheets for today!

5 times table, una ficha interactiva de victor

Video-lesson 6th May


Weekend recommendations: Time Magazine and comics

I am here again!!!

How are you doing? Any question? You can write a comment at the end of the entry!

I do hope you are feeling good....and....reading!!!! Are you reading these days?

Well, today I would like to share with you two resources to keep on with the reading.

The first one is a recommendation from Claudia, your sweet classmate, it is a magazine highly recommended: Now, it is free. You only have to register: Time Magazine for kids

The second is a web page, where you will fantastic COMICS! Go for it!!


Games - English 2

Time to play while reviewing some English! (click on the images)

  • AM/IS/ARE  




Kahoot 7 - Art

My dearest children,

Let see how much do you remember about PABLO PICASSO.

Before doing the kahoot, watch this video! It will help to refresh your memory ;)

And now, the KAHOOT.. Click on the next image:


Kahoot 6 - Social Science

Good morning to all!
Wishing you a happy sunny Tuesday!

Here you have the kahoot for today. It's a revision from unit 1 : The Solar System! 

Click on the picture and good luck to all!


April tasks- Calendar 27th-30th

Here the calendar for this week. Read carefully the instructions.
 If you click on it, you will see it bigger.
Many thanks, you are doing a huge effort!


Kahoot 5 - Maths

Dear students, this is our last kahoot for this week! Thanks to all the participants!

We will have the podium of each very soon.

I will be back on Monday with the timetable for the last week of April. I miss you so much :) Click on the pic to start:

Live worksheet 10 - Maths

Live worksheet 9 - Spanish

Verbos de cocina, una ficha interactiva de victor


World Book Day

On April,the 23rd, it is celebrated World Book Day.

I want to show you something fantastic that Carla and her mum, Sonia, a teacher from our school have done.

Sit down 10 minutes and enjoy the videos, they are in Spanish and English.

Would you like to invent a story using your books' covers?

En un abrir y cerrar de ojos

In the blink of an eye

Kahoot 4- Natural Science

It is about ANIMALS.... Click on it to start playing!

Live worksheet 8 - Natural Science

Watch the video to complete the sentences:

Live worksheet 7 - Art


Kahoot 3 - English

Good morning to all. I have already added two live worksheets for today: one of English (click on the listening buttons to listen)  and one of Maths.

I am receiving your works!! You are doing a great job!!

Our daily kahoot is about English. Ready? Click on the picture!

Live worksheet 6 - Maths

Live worksheet 5- English


Kahoots and live worksheets

Dear students, this week we will be working with these two online resources. You will have them here in our class blog. You can see at the right space of the blog a kahoot image and a live worksheets image. If you click on them you will find all easly.

Kahoots: it's a kind of quiz game! You don't need to register, just write your name. Once the game starts, you will have a question and four possible answers. Click on the one you think is the correct. There will be 3 kahoots with 15 questions each this week.

Live worksheets: they are worksheets that you do not have to print. Use the computer/tablet to complete them. When you finish: click on TERMINADO and you can send the work to me in order to check it. You will be asked to enter a code. This is the code to use: qsvf41m8uh

Ready? We will start tomorrow! 



Last entry about Easter, today I give you some ideas to do easy crafts!

Easter egg decoration

Bobble head paper Bunny


Easter- Songs

For those who love singing and dancing!

The Easter Bunny Bop

Do you like my Easter bonnet?

I'm a spring chicken!



Some stories to enjoy these days!
The Easter egg

How to catch the Easter Bunny

The little red hen



Dear students, this year our Easter break will be different, but I think that eating the mona is a must!

Here you have how to cook a mona in your kitchen! Take a photo if you do it!  I will publish a new padlet board next weekend to upload your monas! I will cook mine too :)
*Click on the photos to see them better.


Music and P.E blogs

Good morning to all!
Today I want to share the other blogs from your teachers at school.

This is your Music blog where you can find resources to keep on with music lessons recommended by your teacher Aitor:

This is your Physical Education blog where Julio is giving you ideas on how to keep your body healthy. It is important to do a little bit of excercise every day! Check it out!

The last entry is about SPORTS DAY which is celebrated on Monday 6th. Your teacher Julio asks you to participate if you feel like :)

Wishing you a happy sunny Sunday,


April tasks- calendar

This is our new calendar for April. Click on it to see it bigger.
 Remember that the worksheets are published at our School Web Page.


Tales -Video stories

My beloved students, it is time for a little bit of listening.

Two stories with a moral value.
A moral value is a positive learning lesson that we can learn from a story.
Are you able to learn something after watching these two stories?

Post a COMMENT at the end of this blog entry.





Hi kids! Today, we start using an awesome new tool which will help me to see what are you doing (if you feel like) of course! It is not mandatory, just optional!
You can share drawings,worksheets, crafts, even questions for me!

1- Make double click on the +
2-Upload your work
3-Use the tittle space to write your name!
4-Do not upload photos with your faces! :)

Ask your family to help you to take the pictures and using the board!
Hecho con Padlet


Tricky Words- Revision

3 activities dealing with Tricky Words.

1) Read the list aloud as fast as you can.
2)Watch the video to check your pronunciation.
3)Use a paper sheet. Choose 10 tricky words and write 10 sentences with each of them.