Social Science works. Part 4

Héctor worked on FRANCE

Naroa has chosen POLAND

Daniel talked about COLOMBIA

Anker is an expert on SWEDEN

Isabella's projects deals with FRANCE

Alberto did a research on AUSTRALIA


Social Science Works. Part 3

6 more great projects...!

Ema's project deals with SWITZERLAND!

Alicia is an expert on ITALY!

Fernando did a research on ESTONIA!

Adriana worked on AUSTRIA!

Maria was interested in ITALY!

MªPaz talked about MEXICO!

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Social Science Works. Part 2

More projects...

David decided to investigate about UNITED KINGDOM

Miguel Mendoza worked on COSTA RICA

Valentín is an expert on URUGUAY

Javier did a research on ARGENTINA

Amaya talked about CANADA

Carlos is an expert on JAPAN



Social Science Works. Part I

Congratulations to all for the excellent result!
We have learnt a lot about many many many countries! Thanks!
*Click on the images to see them bigger.

Camilo is an expert on CHINA!

Guzmán did a research on FRANCE!

Leo worked on ITALY!

Gael talked about GERMANY!

Alex is an expert on GREECE!

Miguel Soriano's project deals with RUSSIA!


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