A box of crayons...

This is the poster we have been preparing for our school's corridor these first days! It looks nice, isn't it?

Don't forget..."We are a box of crayons, each of us is unique, but when we get together, the picture is complete"


Reading e-books

Dear families,
I strongly recommend you a great resource to read in English at home in a more motivating way:           by reading e-books!

1- Visit the web page: https://www.oxfordowl.co.uk/
2-Click on "My Class login"
3-Write the info:
     My class name: CostaBlanca2
     My class password: CostaBlanca2

You will find an amount of e-books classified by age, level, topic... Some of the books have got audio.

I encourage you to read one every week! ENJOY!


Counting by 5 and 10

       Joins the dots by counting in fives and tens.     If you do it you will see the underwater scene and a racing car track.




  These days we are reviewing some content from 1st Grade.
  We learnt 40 Tricky Words. As we all know these words are commonly used in English language, but they have a special spelling that we need to learn by heart.
   In 2n Grade we will learn all of them (72 in total).



My dear students, welcome to a new course year! We have amazing plans in store for the year! Are you ready? I guess you are.

Our slogan in 2n Grade is:

  • Never give up
  • Encourage others
  • Do your best!

so...let's start!