Using rulers for...

This week in Maths we are working with a new tool: RULERS!

We use rulers for two things:
  • To measure length in centimeters


  • To draw straight lines

Could you think of other uses for rulers? Think about it, we will discuss at class!


Jobs' projects. Part 2

6 more great works! Congratulations to all!

Leo wants to study to become a DOCTOR!

Miguel's dream is to be a ROBOTICS ENGINEER!

Guzmán wants to work as a POLICE!

Valentín has chosen ARCHAEOLOGIST!

Alberto wants to be a DOCTOR!

Anker prefers to work as an ARCHITECT!


Jobs' projects. Part 1

Hi everybody!
This week we have started to do the oral expositions to present your project works.
This time they deal with professions, we are learning a lot and knowing interesting information about the different jobs.
I will upload all them little by little.

Here we have the first six amazing works!
*Click on the pictures to see them bigger

 Thanks for your effort

Carlos wants to be a FIREMAN

Alex wants to work as a SCIENTIST!

Fernando wants to be an ENGINEER!

María Paz's dream is to become a VET!

Naroa would like to be a TEACHER!

Isabella wants to work as a VET!


Cambridge A1.Vocabulary games

After Monkey Puzzles, here you have another game which helps to review vocabulary words and expressions.
Click on the picture or copy and paste the link to start:

Resultado de imagen de monkey puzzles world tour



2D vs 3D shapes!

In Maths wer are learning about the different shapes around us. How can we distinguish between a 2D shape or a 3D shape?

  • 2D shapes are flat, have corners and sides.
  • 3D shapes are solid, have got vertices, edges and faces.