Do you know that plants are similar to us?

    As well as humans plants are living things.
They need water, air, sunlight and soil to grow well.

Moreover, while we have parts of the body, plants also have their parts.

Parts of a plant

Depending on the STEM, we classify plants into three groups:

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There/their; are/our

These pairs of words sound the same!! We need to pay attention to the way we write them and their meaning!

Remember: their and our are usually followed by a NOUN!

Their dog, our house, their schoolbags, our park.

Have a look to these videos:


Practising with the clock!

In Maths, we are learning ....how we tell the time in English.

Here you have a game to play!

Click on the picture and chose the first 2 levels.

Resultado de imagen de telling the time in words topmarks


Playing with tables!

Hello my dear students!
Time tables may be fun!!! I have found this online game to practice them by playing.

Click here: Time tables game

Follow the instructions:

1-Click on TIMES TABLES button

2- Click on TABLES UP TO 10

3-Click on the tables we have practiced at class: x2, x5,x10