The 5 senses

Hi hi! Look at the poster and watch the video. After that, write down a list with the things that you are able to feel using each of the 5 senses.

We will check that list during the next Science lesson.



Maths workshops

Each Friday we learn Maths by playing.

We have been revising units and tens. Then, we started with the hundreds!



Bones and muscles

Hi dear students,
In Science we have started to learn about our body, specially we are working with our bones and muscles.
Here you have a video to watch at home. Next day I will ask some questions to you!
As the video is a bit long, I summarize the most important ideas:

  • Bones are hard and they are made of calcium.
  • All bones are connected by joints to form the skeleton.
  • The femur is the largest bone.
  • Muscles are soft and they expand and contract moving our body.
  • The smallest muscle is inside our ear.
  • Your bones and muscles will grow in good condition if you: eat heatlhy, do exercise and maintain a correct posture.


Odd or Even? Online game!

EVEN numbers are those that  can be divided  into two equal teams. For instance, number 2 is broken into 1+1, or number 6 is broken into 3+3. Therefore, 2 and 6 are even numbers.

On the contrary, ODD numbers can't be broken into two equal parts. For example, number 7 is 3+4 or 4+3 (the parts are not the same). Therefore, number 1 is odd.

When you have a two digit number, such as 38. We look at the last number which is 8 to know if it is odd or even. 38 is an even number because it finishes with 8.

Let's play to a game to check your level, click on the pic:


Knowing the Earth...

There a some tools we can make use of  to know our planet.

A globe, a map and a world map. What's the difference between them?

A globe shows the Earth in a round sphere:


A world map shows the Earth using a flat shape:

A map shows a specific continent, country or region:


Examples Science Project

Hello dear students,
As I have told you, here you have some works' samples related to your project this term.

Remember, they are only some ideas...I'll appreciate your creativity!

Do not forget three things in order to have a good mark:
-Bring it to class the 3rd December or before.
-Include all the information that I ask you.
-A good work is clean and clear.

Thanks for your effort :)


Our solar system works

In Social Science, we have been learning that there are eight planets in our Solar System, their names, colors, situation and curiosities about them.

 We know that Venus is the hottest one and Neptune is the coldest.

 These are some of your posters!

Solar System song