Super skeleton!

Do you know...

  • What is the main function of the skeleton?
  • Are bones hard or soft?
  • What is the biggest and longest bone?
  • Where is the smallest bone?
  • How many bones do we have?
Try to answer to these questions by watching this interesting video:



A verb is the main part of a sentece. It is an action or a state of being. For example:

  • My mum runs a lot. 
  • He cooks soup every Monday.
  • My friends don't like karate.
  • His sister doesn't go to the trip.
  • He is tall and strong.

Watch this video to learn more verbs:


Examples Science Project

Good afternoon,
Here you have the samples that we have already seen at class. Don't forget that I will take into account your personal ideas and creativity!

If you have any doubt, ask me at any moment!
I hope that you enjoy this project work!


Bones and muscles

Hi dear students,
In Science we have started to learn about our body, specially we are working with our bones and muscles.
Here you have a video to watch at home. Next day I will ask some questions to you!
As the video is a bit long, I summarize the most important ideas:

  • Bones are hard and they are made of calcium.
  • All bones are connected by joints to form the skeleton.
  • The femur is the largest bone.
  • Muscles are soft and they expand and contract moving our body.
  • The smallest muscle is inside our ear.
  • Your bones and muscles will grow in good condition if you: eat heatlhy, do exercise and maintain a correct posture.



Adjectives are the words that we use to describe a noun.
They always go before the noun. For instance:
-A small house
-A purple pencil
-A tall girl

Listen to these Adjective Songs:



  In Social and Civic Values we are working on the biography of Malala:

Who is Malala? She is a school girl who became well-known around the world at a very young age. In fact, she has won the Nobel Peace Prize at the age of 17.

Where was she born? She was born in Pakistan in 1997.

Why is she a significant person? She is known for her education and women's rights activism where the Taliban had at times banned girls from attending school.

Watch this video to know more about Malala: